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The Truth Telling of Whiteness


Objective: To take the white identified out of the outdated collegiate/systemic jargon into authentic communication about their “whiteness”. Create a portal to unpack their inherited trauma and  refresh their outlook on themselves in relation to racial construct and colonialism. Leading them into a more mature and informed space. This is to create a space in removing the colonialist sheath.


8 Pillars:

Whiteness and Money

Finding growth in Forbearance

Evoking Ancestors

Interfacing with personal POC/Black stories

Dinner Table racism: Unpacking white racial conversation

Gratification in POC/Black movements


Self Reconciliation


As a facilitator of emotional debris I sought to create a program for white emotional self-reconciliation through real talk. Much of the conversation around anti-racism/dismantling racism work is harbored in intellectualism and focuses on systemic issues. This portal is designed to deal with the actual emotional labor needed for transformation in racial dynamics. This is designed to pause the intellectualism and hyper-shame that allows white identified people to disassociate from their embodied reality, while also keeping us grounded and out of bypassing.


Buzz Words and PC/Woke speak can house people in a fraudulent social awakening. 


“As long as I say it the right way I’m free from incrimination”

“As long as I put a POC/Black face on it I’m free from incrimination”

“As long as I show up to the rally. I’m free from incrimination”


These are fears and misnomers that need to be excavated so the white identified can come into maturity. Relinquishing reactionary modes ( Progressive or not) or deflection (polite or not). Employing the same maturity needed to be an adult in any arena. Anything not growing is dead.


At the end of the 8 sessions, the aim is to move through graphically charged conversations and materials in order to build emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence about how to show up in the world, maturity in racial dynamics and how to impact varying spaces with grace of said maturity without coopting practices. This about how your own brokenness shows up in the world and the plague of generations of disassociation.