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The Pilot Program


Thank you for coming on board. I am your captain Qi Dada.  I want to first let you know that you are taking this trip not as a passenger but as a Flight Attendant. Often we are told during any crisis on a plane that our first action is to take care of ourselves before assisting. For 6 months I am going to ask that you imagine that no one else needs assistance. Place the mask firmly over your nose and mouth, pull on the draw string and breath.


The Pilot Program is a course designed to initiate the state of sovereignty needed to actualize one’s life and visions. This is for individuals who can feel something tugging at their spirit but not quite sure how to answer the call. The tools acquired here will be different for each participant. Allowing your own knowing to come out and play. This is a course on mastering the energetics of your day to day life. In 6 months you will learn how to:


  1. Fine tune your internal dialogue

  2. Increase your skills as a listener

  3. Learn to work less and have it work for you!

  4. Dissolve layers of anxiety

  5. Address your destiny

  6. Make focussing a gentle process

  7. Learn how to remove emotional debris


This is called The Pilot Program. It is called that for 3 reasons.


Reason Number 1: It sounds! 


That may seem trivial but the vibrational quality of our perception is a foundational aspect of this shift in awareness. Feeling cute is wonderful. Feeling sexy is everything. Feeling well is priceless. Feeling assured is unmatched. Pay attention to the feeling. Do not trivialize any one of your feelings.


Reason Number 2: Vantage Point


In the Totec wisdoms it is discussed that there are varying perspectives of mastery. One of the highest being the Eagle Perspective. Every perspective has a value. Seeing from a space of more visibility (the bigger picture) brings us into a state of mastery over our perceptions and feelings.


Reason Number 3: The Understanding of Automation (Auto Pilot)


My time as a Life Coach allowed me to offer The Understanding of Automation to my clients. It helped me quite a bit also. So many of our movements are based on the practiced, rehearsed life that we participate in. I would tell them “You have to get in the Pilot Seat”.

Your body is your ship. I’d ask “Who’s piloting it?”. During this course you will gain the tools and insights about sitting yourself squarely in the Pilot Seat. Buckle in!



This course is based on your own pace but it is also a class that asks that you respect your instructor and fellow Attendants.  There will be responsibilities and assignments, reading material and action items. Nothing will be mandated. However, our participation does help the group as a whole. Join in for the full experience!


What you will need 

You will need:

  1. A signed The Pilot Program waiver and agreement

  2. Commence your tuition: 6 monthly installments of $60

  3. Have a regular journal available.

  4. Be available for teleconferencing