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QI DADA is  an experienced Life Coach, practitioner and facilitator. For 11 years she has coached clients through varying traumas road mapping their soul retrieval. Her work is heart centered, allowing for fast authentic communication and transformation.

She received diversity and inclusion training under the New Philanthropist.

She has received attunement under Rev. Navasha Daya with the Spiritual Arts and Science Institute. Gained education as mentee to award winning world renowned African  Story teller and priest, Valerie Tutson. Qi Dada will be completing her consecration into priesthood under the guidance of Her Majesty Rev. Dr. Mambo Asogwe Queen Mother Dowoti Desir Hounon Houna II.

She has worked with hundreds of women and facilitated programming and cultural support and training for:

University Of Texas

Brown University

Miami University

Khabele School

African American Leadership Institute

Creative Mornings


...and more


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.