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Thank You for taking the time and beginning the process of continued education for the spirit. QDLE is committed to an anti-colonial, heart centered process of discovery and internal redesign.


SOUL-STICE is a 3month program. Each month will consist of 2 online classes. The topic for each week are as followed: 

Clearing | Memorial Season | Hibernation/Incubation | Calendar Distortion | RIP Vision Board |  SOUL- STICE Ceremony

Each student will receive a workbook explaining each segment. In it your will find relaxing games to play and enjoyable comic strips. QR codes will also be provided to videos for extra education, assignments & delightful media.

We will meet online and in person for our Solstice celebration and one or two organized field trips.

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You can make your PUOP payment through this  link every month. The fluidity is all yours.

Once you make your first payment, look our for an enrollment email with your schedule and syllabus. It will offer you some insights and things to consider before getting started. Of course feel free to invite some friends to join.

By the end of the this course you will be able to:

  • Advance or begin to reconsider your relationship with the Gregorian Calendar

  • Learn more about memorial celebrations

  • Learn more sophisticated means of manifestation

  • Reconsider your yield and output

  • and MORE!




Thank You! Please check your email and spam folder for your curriculum and details!

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